Friday, April 26, 2013


Every single post I have ever created is about social norms. And, honestly, I'd like to stay on that train, because I truly believe it's what defines everything we do or everything we show.
Today I'm talking about behavior and how it is limited by "the norms". Oh, and thank you everybody for viewing my blog, I've reached 275 views (Greek ones excluded). I'm forever grateful!
We all want to be as accepted as possible, but still need to express our own identity. One would argue that you have to sacrifice some self-expression, in order to be integrated into a group, but that's debatable.
Our behavior, if put in a graph, is completely erratic, but we still follow basic rules. If we don't, then the community rejects us, most of the community at least. We are guided from what we have learned over the years from constant contact with other people. We know not insult anyone, and we are looking to make everything as favorable to us as possible, when socially powerful, of course.
You know, if you are not honest, then you shouldn't expect others to be. Apart from that, if you don't show enough affection towards a person, none is going to be reciprocated and come your way.
It's not in any guidebook, but manners are unspoken rules. Just because they aren't established in written form, that doesn't mean they don't exist.
Although there are lines that shouldn't be crossed, we have found ways to express ourselves. Such ways are writing, music, photography, and movies. This post if a form of expression, the music you are secretly addicted to is, and of course your phone's wallpaper is one, as well. The clothes we wear symbolize anything we want it to. If such rights are negated, then it's a no-brainier that there is going to be some kind of reaction.
In the end, what matters is anything that gives you a reason to wake up in the morning and to be happy for what awaits you. Whether that is acceptance or originality is up to you.