Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Desire and Attention

I just bought a phosphorescently orange watch today.

Today's topic is one that occurred to me while I was out this Saturday.
I crave attention and I bet most of you do, too.
Why is it one of our main desires to be acknowledged by people, even though we don't care in the first place?
If you check one of my previous posts you will see I mentioned that we take it upon ourselves to  be as good-looking as possible.
See where I'm going with this?
We do our best to be noticed, either from people we care about or from complete strangers, we thrive on admiration.
Most of us are insecure as hell and we need ego boosts as often as possible. So how can we make sure that we get that? To achieve such a thing we first have to be noticed. The Germans have a word for what we do. It's called "auffallend" and it means "eye-catching". That's exactly what we try to show. We want to be paid attention to. 
We want to feel wanted and to make sure somebody looks at us, and suddenly we are what they want to talk about. That's how we function. I, personally, wasn't an attention-seeker. Never, actually. But now I care more of whether a person does see me, rather than what they have to say about me.
It's in our nature to show off, if you look at animals, peacocks to be exact, they have these extravagant motives of color on their body. That's how they compete for the heart of a female peacock. We, as humans, can also compete on an intellectual level, but still, who's to say that we can't show off once in a while?