Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I bet you once said "when I grow up I want to be an astronaut". If you never have, then you can replace "astronaut" with any other profession. Still nothing? Well, something is wrong with you, you should see a doctor.
Anyway, that attempt to be funny was to emphasize that dreams are always a part of our lives. Even the silliest "I'm going to marry Brad Pitt one day" gives us hope and is , most of the times, the only motivation we have to get by in life.
I catch myself daydreaming about 10 times a day. But if you notice you can see that we always dream. Even if we have everything our heart desires.
Let me drop another philosophy on you, we want what we don't/ can't have. As a kids we wanted to be famous. As teenagers we want to be accepted and as adults we want to be happy. Our goal as children is easy to reach. And as kids our memory isn't the greatest so we just forget or change our minds around a million times. As teens we want others to always feel a certain way towards us, which is never happening. As adults we want to be genuinely happy. That is not happening either, because you cannot be always happy, there are other emotions that surface, because we can't control our experiences or what triggers unpleasant situations.
So how do we compensate? We dream. If we think of scenarios that would make us happy then we fool ourselves into thinking we are. And that's the great thing about humans, imagination.