Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gender Roles

Had a discussion with a friend today. She has a certain opinion about how men and women are, and after careful research I thought why not torture you with another post?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Why are men considered the stronger gender, and why did society picture a woman as a housewife? The biological side of it is, actually, that men have good eyes for calculating distance and more hormones that promote muscle growth, not to mention strong bones, all for the sake of hunting. Women have, on the other hand, great peripheral vision, more hormones that promote longevity and bone structure that is for holding and caring for babies. The question here is, did the chicken come before the egg or the egg before the chicken? Did genders have to adapt to society's labels or did society's rules come from the anatomy of the two sexes?

THE MAN: Men have always been valued in society due to their strength, oh, wait. No, that's not correct. Women were valued more in ancient societies, because the had the ability to nurture life and bringing it into the world. Anyway, today still, men are considered the money makers.
 As much progress as we have made throughout the centuries, men are considered just a tinsy bit superior. Mostly in the workplace. When a man loses his job, this moral is suddenly hitting the ground. That is more obvious if you think that in all societies, a career is the most sought-after trait. So a man shouldn't "waste" time on caring for his family, only support them financially. That is what the world thought before the 20th century.

THE WOMAN: Just a century ago did the world start to think that women are people with rights as well. What really helped was, actually, the war. Women had to work, while men were out fighting for what their country stood for. They proved that they can do what a man can. Then, they started to think that the have rights, too. That's how the feminist movement started. And it was a great step towards equality. Today, women are still the caretakers of the family, but the family constellation has been formed in such a way that men do more around the household. They are, unfortunately, still paid less for the same job a man is paid for, but there are many exceptions.