Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I really don't like to talk about myself but as I pointed out before, blogs are exactly that. They serve a way to express our thoughts. Why would I create a blog then? Well the word limit on Twitter is really constraining and, to tell you the truth it's summertime, well almost. That means... Yes you guessed it , summertime sadness, as a great artist sang about once. And as a Greek male or a person for that matter, I need to look forward to doing something. So this is me, trying to compose a coherent text even though my Cambridge proficiency in English exams would beg to differ. Or even my Greek essay score, which isn't pretty. I don't have a certain target group I want to reach, but I believe that my style of writing and topics are more fitting to the problems of young adults and teens. I will try to promote my blog as much as I can, if I figure out how this app lets you share stuff, and let everybody find something meaningful between these lines. And as much I don't like to be vulnerable , I think I should probably start writing about something other than my goals. And study for my upcoming chemistry exam, but that's another boring story. I have to brace myself and start. Oh, boy!