Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life in high school.

As you already can tell by the title I'm here today to talk about High School. Why is this, you ask? Well to tell you the truth I saw a YouTube video, and there was this girl saying that it is a minefield. And I thought it would be a good opportunity to inform you on Greek high schools. Not the system of it all, but rather the " society" of high school. I might be misinformed, because people tend to exaggerate, and I haven't lived any american high schools myself to know for sure. Shall we?
Greek students enter high school around the age of 15. That means we aren't the most mature people to create a community with. But surprisingly enough everybody is really polite to one another. We all know how important "image" is, especially in our teenage years. But it's not everything. If somebody is weird we simply ignore them and hope they disappear in the near future.
I can't stress enough that I haven't personally lived the highschool experience in the US , but it seems like everybody is mostly unhappy.
The only thing I can say to make it go away is that highschool is temporary. And no matter what you will grow out of it in no time.