Monday, April 8, 2013


If you read my previous post, I mentioned the topic I'm talking about today. But I have to warn you this post, is going to be very similar to the one I did about "Defining Normal". Do you know why that is? Because they are closely related...
If you think about it, what are really memories? For most of us memories are emotional situations we experienced in the past. I say "emotional", because these are the kind we remember. Pleasant or unpleasant, shocking or depressing. Do you remember what you ate last Wednesday? I didn't think so.
For me memories are really important, mainly because I don't remember many things due to my being easily distracted.  But anyway, you, my lovely reader, are giving up your time for me, so I better not waste it.
 We are made out of memories. They define our preferences, well the most of them, and they can teach us who we want to be or are meant to be.
For me one of my favorite memories is playing the ever-so-famous "Hey, dude, don't let the balloon hit the floor! Shit, man, you popped it!". I don't think that game has a name, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. That is probably where my love for volleyball comes from. Technically at least, they are almost the same. Without any popping going on, of course.
Memories also serve as "teachable moments", but that is mostly instinct. So I will let it be for now. Maybe I'll do a "how we survived" post later on.
The last thing I want to discuss about in this post is actually a quote from a German author. Don't worry I will translate it for you. But firstly, the original one. "Glückliche Menschen haben ein schlechtes Gedächtnis und reichen Erinnerungen". Τhat pretty much means: " Happy people have bad recollection and rich memories".
I, personally, like to call it "selective amnesia", but yeah, I guess that sounds better. And it is actually pretty deep.
It means that we tend to forget all the bad things about a situation over time and what's left are beautiful memories. And that is what gives us hope to continue.

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