Friday, April 12, 2013


Whoever started doing research on body language must have been really bored and extremely intuitive. For those of you who don't know, body language can reinforce or contradict the meaning of the words a person says. It's pretty simple, actually. If you see somebody telling a friend how well they did on a paper they wrote, then they will be standing tall and have their shoulders all the way back. This shows pride. And if they talk and their hands are out of control, then they are probably gesturing the excitement away.
So today I'm going to use my time to help you have a better understanding of the various stances there are and suggest how you could make a great first impression.
This post was inspired by "The Body Language Advantage"
by Lillian Glass
On with the basics!
The most common stance people do is, what I like to call "The Arm Barrier", which is basically crossing both arms in front of the torso or, at least,  putting one arm in front of your torso by grabbing the other one with you hand. We do this subconsciously and there is a reason for it. You probably have caught yourself doing it a couple of times, especially when nervous or stressed out. With this stance we comfort ourselves, by creating the illusion that we are protected. Although this protection is a simple barrier created by our hands, it works perfectly fine.
 Apart from that there are millions of other same stances, with the most famous being leaning in, when we feel comfortable around a person or with our foot direction, to show a person of affection or desire to escape.
Here comes the main point of this post, which happens to revolve around manipulation. Salesmen have been using this technique to develop an immediate rapport with potential buyers. And there is a name for it. Yes, you guessed it, mirroring. It can also be used to acquire new acquaintances or while flirting.  This facilitates a connection with somebody and renders it easier for that "somebody" to relate to you. And if they relate to you, then they trust you. The more they trust you, they more open they are. You get where I'm going with this.
That's why it's a great technique. It applies in every single human interaction.

Please recommend to friends and always smile!