Sunday, April 21, 2013

Obstacles and Bad Days

Everyone faces bad days. And everyone knows that if yours starts out badly, then it will, most likely, stay that way.
For some bad days are just days which require extra effort to keep with everything you have on your plate. Generally, a bad day is a day, where you have experienced something upsetting or you're feel like screaming: "Just my luck!".
 Most of them are caused by a misunderstanding or an argument. And most of the times they make it impossible to get anything done. They block our creative side and have us thinking what we did wrong. In other words they hinder our productivity, and serve as obstacles.
To get over one, we need to take action. Either to face they thing that stresses us out, or take a good look in the mirror and think. "Is it something I did?". To put it in layman's terms we need to stop mopping around and think of solutions, because, unfortunately, they don't grow on trees.
When we try to evaluate situations, which we are a part of, we try to justify our own actions and put the blame on others. Just because we take it personally, this doesn't mean we should find excuses. That leaves only one option left, to talk to somebody, may that be a friend or a stranger. When we explain a situation, we find things that have slipped our minds, and we have a more objective view.
There is another approach, as well. We could always try to relieve stress by taking a break and pampering ourselves just a little bit. The only problem is that actions do speak louder than words, and if we don't do anything, the other person can create one trillion scenarios as to why we are idle.
Subsequently, the problem can intensify and nobody wants that.
As a general conclusion, one could say that it is better to be uncomfortable for a while and get things done by facing the problem, rather that thinking it will work itself out or that the chips will fall where they may.