Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Society-How We Survived.

I mentioned before that I was, eventually, going to write about how memories help us survive. And I promise I will get to that but firstly, I'd like to take a different approach and talk about social behavior. Oh, and immediately after this post I will talk about gender roles, which are a part of social behavior.
Oh, look! A terrified turtle!
 Since the dawn of humankind, people have, as animals,  tried to not get killed. Simple, right? They have created sounds, which eventually turned into spoken words and phrases, and after a while they thought, "Yeah, why don't we make communities? We could share food and protect each other!" So, humans created a society. We invented great things and now we live in similar societies, the only difference being that contemporary societies are more advanced.
We still use the same principles as our predecessors did, when it came to protection. If they heard an odd sound, for example, then they would be alarmed and on guard. Today without the life-threatening situations around, we fear emotional danger.
We never touch a hot plate. Well, the first time we do it out of curiosity, but the second time we don't even stretch our arm. That is, because we have experienced pain. It's the emotion we fear, not the action.
Heard of the so famous "afraid of commitment"? It's pretty much the same thing, but instead of having an experience, one has thought of how painful it could be to be abandoned. So why risk it?
Of course there is also a chance that we learn by receiving signals from our external environment, like when you "smell something fishy". That means that by a situation we can tell, if something is out of the ordinary.
Lastly, there are the social norms that revolve around past experiences that have been narrated and have a "moral" in the end. These hand-me-down experiences are mostly what we see in movies, or even old bedtime stories. They are a way to deter people from living through an unpleasant situation, and they mostly are thought of as a given fact. Much like, not walking in a dark alley, because if you do you might get killed. As we have all seen on NCIS and CSI, and the other countless shows on TV.