Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The first step is always the hardest.

After pondering on the starting phrase of my new blog for a solid minute, I thought I'd start with a definition, just like we learned in class.
You might be wondering how come the title " I'd like to call it, Bubbles...". At first glance it looks childish and you can tell by experience nobody likes to seem childish.  Well it gets more deep the more you think about it. First of all I cannot give an absolute interpretation to the phrase, because, let's face it, we all think differently. I can tell what I was aiming for. Let me start with that. By the phrase "I'd like to call it'" I wanted to show one of the most valuable rights in the world, the ability to choose. If you can choose then you can define, and if you define boundaries or what choices you take, then you can be happy.
Another important thing... Why the verb "call", why not any other verb? Because if you don't have a word for something then you don't know what it is. Is it a bird ? A plane? Superman? Does it even exist ,if you can't define it? When I hear the word "table" I think of a wooden structure that helps by the process of eating. If you know what you are talking about then you are more confident and invested in what you have to say about that topic. That came to me after starting sign language. A movement can have many meanings. If you know the general context then you know how to interpret  something.
Quite frankly as far as the word "Bubbles"is concerned, I just like it. For me it symbolises innocence, because I used to play with bubbles when I was little.
That's the whole story of how my title came to be. You can find other definitions, if you please. The interpretation of the title is also a great way to ease off to my next topic, social labels.
Have a good day and do me a favor, pass the blog on to others.