Saturday, April 13, 2013

Who You Are

Φαίνεσθαι- Είναι
Wait a minute, so you don't like dogs?!
I decided to start with a seemingly random, that apparently isn't all that random, phrase on this post to easy into the topic. Today I want to talk about the most important social trait of a person, which is no other than "the image". Every celebrity and every person has one and we work really hard to achieve perfection. The image is something that we need to have, in order to reflect our personality, our abilities and skills in the most favorable light possible. 
If you see a famous singer on TV, you know what they stand for and how they perceive the world. If you see yourself and you haven't tried to bring a certain exterior into being, you can simply look at how you react to specific situations. This is who you are. Or, at least, who you appear to be.
 I'm not here to make you feel fake or anything, it is just that we don't show the completely real us most of the time, instead we show the 98% of our actual selves. We all have secrets or guilty pleasures, which make us look weak or "uncool".
The thing is that we are afraid to show the every inch of our personality. And if we do it's probably to the very few. Mostly to our closest friend(s) or to, not so often but still, family.
We shouldn't forget that this makes us feel safe, as well. Because if everybody knows the real us, then we are extremely vulnerable, and you wants to be judged, right?
So this brings me to my beginning phrase. If you get to know somebody for the first time, you don't give reasons for them to think less of you. By the same token, if somebody, like in this case, fancies having lots of dogs, then you shut up about how you hate them and hope it doesn't surface back in the future. The rest of the time you are "you", but you still hold some truth back.