Thursday, May 23, 2013

And She Was Like "F*ck You."

Hello, everybody!
A while back, let's say a week, I had an almost friendly argument with someone on the Internet.

What caused this argument isn't really something I can recall, but I know it was caused by something that a third party mentioned.
Long story short, I'm here today to talk about etiquette.

Etiquette is a code of behavior, and many of us know it as "edicate", which is a common misspelling of the word. I'm not English, so before learning what it meant, I thought it meant "label", because that's the word's meaning in Greek.

Anyway in this exhilarating encounter of mine, I actually noticed that people get extremely defensive, especially without any offending been done. I have been wanting to talk about that state of affairs for a while, but I thought of letting some time pass, so that I'm less bias.

I know that the world is a very, very competitive place. Especially for somebody who lives in the US and has to prove themselves constantly, but I think our society is running short of kindness. Or most accurately, security. We are just too insecure.

I noticed that while trying to be logical in this argumentation that occurred, I found my words being twisted in a way I never thought possible. And, honestly, my first reaction was "Damn, that's impressive!".

Maybe that's how people survive nowadays, but what happened to harmless debating, which was about exchanging opinions without been called a random curse word in the first five minute? Seriously.

The moral here is what the Japanese say, which is, not to say anything that isn't polite. Even if you want to, just wait a day before saying it. And something that's a small addition by me, "unless of course they have offended the way you live or look and/or have bullied you." In that case, strike while the iron is still hot.

Thank you for reading! Best wishes!