Saturday, May 4, 2013

Deleting Interest: 38% Complete

 I was reading +Lance Jones article "Happiness is taking stairs" and I got to thinking. This article revolves around the law of diminishing returns. What this principle suggests is that we have a tendency to lose interest in something we have been doing for a while, which eventually leads to declining effectiveness. In layman's terms, people get bored easily.

I can relate to that almost completely. As far as psychology goes, human beings are adaptive to their surroundings, we modify our behavior and our mentality according to the circumstances. That's one of the reasons we were able to survive for all of these years as a species, after all.

It should remain clear, that there is a biological side to it, as well. I suppose you know all about Darwin's theory of evolution. If combined with the psychology of it all, we have a perfect mix of "Fuck it, I'm so over this!". Let me explain.

As mentioned before we are physically adaptive and try to change our behavior according to what's around us. If you start another language, for instance. You do it for a reason. You want, let's say, to take a trip to Spain and you want to be able to communicate to some degree. You start off cheerfully, but after a while you lose your interest.

That has happened, because your excitement has worn off and your trip is still in 4 months. That's the partial truth. The other thing that has happened to you is that your ears have gotten used to the stimuli of the sound of another language, so you have gotten into a routine, which consists of  this "ordinary" chore.
It's like smoking. The smokers don't smell the smoke after a while, and thus smoke more packets a day.

The only suggestion I have to make your days more interesting is to find the little joys in your everyday life. That way you can have some portion of happiness every time you get into something you love, so you will never experience this "law of diminishing returns"!

Because this post isn't much, I will probably write another one today. Since I can't offer much quality, I'll try to offer quantity!