Friday, May 10, 2013


"I fear nothing, I hope for nothing, I'm free."
That's what a famous Greek writer once said.

Let's talk about freedom, shall we?
What does it mean to be free? And most importantly, free from what?

A lot of people have discussed this topic and I feel like talking about it myself. Everybody craves autonomy. It's an oxymoron, really. On the one hand we like to be free, but on the other we get accustomed to routines.

A great philosopher once said that in order to be free, you need to be financially independent.

Freedom means to be able to rule yourself. To make decisions and have no one to blame other than yourself if they bring about some bad results, because you chose to act that way. Freedom is about being able to stand your ground without the approval of others and act the way you want to.

In my opinion, there are three ways to categorize freedom. Literal Freedom, Inner Freedom and Financial Freedom.

I guess you understood what literal freedom is. It's the freedom that has been acquired by nations that were under foreign ruling. It's the primary form of freedom, but I'm not some political analyst, so I'd like to focus on the other two.

Inner freedom is what we all strive for. It's the feeling that we want most in the world. To not care about the opinion of others and act the way we want to act. It's difficult to achieve, but it must feel great. There wouldn't be any stress or anxiety and everybody would be at peace with their fellow citizens, because there wouldn't be anything that aggravated them.

Financial freedom exists because of our financial system. It's the ability to form your life way you want to and experience what you'd like to, because you have money. If you are not depending on a loan or some borrowed money from family and friends, you are free.
In this economy it's hard to achieve, but still there are plenty who have done so.

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