Monday, May 6, 2013

Obsession with Communication

Humans are the only animals that are able to have full conversations. I say "full", because all animals can communicate their emotions. Dogs bark when they have strong emotions, and some mammals like bats have special sensors to interpret sound waves and frequencies, we as humans can't even grasp.

When we are little, we hear lots of different sounds and we slowly become accustomed to them. Then we, miraculously, mimic one sound at first and, later on, a whole bunch more.

As we grow to speak even more frequently, we talk about stuff that we see or about our feelings.
What worries or upsets us can be expressed as something naturally done by other adult humans. We can express our insecurities and fears with others and not cry and let everybody else figure out what is wrong with us.

As little kids we don't cry for attention anymore, but we request it by saying something that seems "attention-worthy".

Once we reach the "tween" years - I hate this word, then again prepubescent sounds too formal- we use other means, such as the internet to communicate with others. These others are either our next-door neighbors or someone from another continent. The Internet has facilitated everything and I think we are grateful it did.

You probably have noticed that I failed to mention phones. If you think about it, we don't use phones all that much nowadays. Before smartphones were invented, we were happy to talk on the phone. Now every phone has internet access; Facebook Messenger and Google+ hangouts have dominated over everything else.

We should never neglect that the constant progress of technology has helped a lot to smooth out the relationships between people and to be informed as far as other cultures are concerned. 

As always, I have to say, everything in life has a bad side as well, and if you don't somehow protect sensitive information, well you are going to have a bad time."Πάν μέτρον άριστον".