Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Beauty Of Procrastination

After realizing that my previous post was not all that good I decided to talk about something that I have close to my heart. Procrastination.
In fact I'm doing that right now!
I woke up, had a lesson of Sign Language and then the Internet happened. Note that the internet happened 5 hours ago.
I have this strange idea in my head that if I stand up, get away from my bed, where my laptop is located and get to my desk, somehow I'm being productive. The only problem is that I'd just take my phone and start wasting more time. Well, that's what happened. I'm certain that writing this isn't a waste of time, but still.
I took it upon myself to be productive today, as productive one can be, at least. Today was the day I would catch up on my history curriculum, because exam week is starting here. Well, next week. The problem is that in Greece an exam week is more like an exam month.
And with all the learning material accumulating I thought I could get a head start. Taking into consideration that these exams are on 12 different subjects I think it was a sound decision. Wrong! I know it's not only me, but when something isn't urgent or will affect you in the near future, you just let it be.
The thing I'm pushing to the not-so-distant future is actually 60-ish pages of historical events. Which will be a pain to learn then, but that's in the future.
The bad thing about history is that it can be easily forgotten. So what's the point to learn it? That is what I thought to myself, as the insomnia kicked in last night. I had decided to just read through the material, but I don't think that's going to happen. Instead I'll probably just look at a cute cat doctor on the web, as I have been doing.
And as entertaining as it is to talk to you guys, the cat is cuter. So I'm going to abandon you for today.
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