Monday, May 27, 2013

Who You Are

There are a lot of people who create content on the Web about the kinds of people on the Internet, subsequently in real life. Caught up in this trend, I decided to be unoriginal and make a post about it. But because
I like social stuff, I have made quite some research and stumbled upon a great site.
So, thank you Internet! Don't expect full elaboration, because there are 12 to 16 personalities and that's a lot.
Let's find your personality, shall we? :)

The Responsible One: Or also otherwise known as the Duty Fulfiller. These people are usually the most dependable and the most likely to carry on doing stuff despite the challenges or get by without experiencing much anxiety. They are extremely focused and also can put all of themselves into a project. If you are this kind of person and want to learn more, click here.

The Curious One: aka. The Solver. These people love to explore the world of technology and actually fancy fixing stuff. They are very loyal to their friends, but don't follow many rules and only have respect towards somebody who has earned theirs. They like solving practical problems and are pretty simplistic. Click here for more.

The Caring One: These people like to nurture. They are kind and somewhat introverted, but also very stable as far as their opinions go. Also, very sympathetic. Because of their mild temper, they live to observe other people and care for one's character more than their appearance. Click here for more.

The Sensitive One: Sensitivity was always considered a sign of weakness, but not anymore, especially in this case. Much like the caring type, these people are kind and not likely to generate conflict. They are the "Carpe Diem"/"Yolo" kids, who are living the moment. They are not interested in controlling others and appreciate beauty, all of it. That's why they are considered open-minded. For more click here .

The Protective One: Also called The Protector. Much like their almost subcategory (The Doers) they tend to be quietly forceful. They are very intuitive about people and also more individualistic than others. They don't like to follow nor lead. They adhere to their value system and are sympathetic towards people. For more click here.

These are what I find to be the most common categories. For a full list please click the link here ( I think I'm an Idealist. What about you?