Wednesday, May 8, 2013

With Love and Hatred

Some heated arguments bubbled up yesterday, all revolving around what "God" thinks is bad or not,
and feel like I have to talk about something I don't usually like to discuss. Religion, not Christianity, just religion as a whole.

I don't like to talk about religion, I feel it can only bring disputes, and I'm not in the mood to argue. Feel free to leave feedback, but nothing hurtful to others, because that would just be annoying.

I, myself, am a Christian, technically. Everybody in Greece is one. We are closely bound with the church as a country. We don't have many disputes over God, though. Well, comparing to other countries, bigger ones, for that matter. I genuinely believe that religious books, such as the Bible and Qur'an, represented some good values and were the "jump start", if you may, to a better world. One we live today.
These existed before any religion, but it was religion that made them more widely-known.
Now religion has turned into a medium to discriminate others based on their "sins".

All the sins that are mentioned in the Bible - I'm sorry that's the only religious book I'm familiar with- are stuff that people do. The Commandments are the general guidelines to a more "moral" life, but we shouldn't get all fanatic over religion. You should remember, it was ''written'' 2000+ years ago. A lot has changes since then.

In those times, people could find inducements to kill one another with nobody caring. So, it was a good idea to say "You shouldn't kill", because then there wouldn't be any moral compass. Then there is the ever-so-famous "it's wrong to be gay". Or the misinterpretation that "God hated them". If God/Jesus/Allah or whatever you believe in, is benevolent and accepting, then how could he hate?

Jesus freaking hung out with a prostitute! It's not like there was discrimination on his part, then why do you discriminate?

Do you know what else is a sin? Holding a grudge, being against/ prosecuting/ offending a child of God, arguing with others and being anxious and having no confidence.

Again, I'm not trying to stir you up and aggravate you, I just want to inform you that religious books didn't come with an instruction manual, everybody can interpret them the way they see fit.

So don't try to convince others what's right or wrong. If it doesn't hurt people it's probably debatable whether or not it's bad.