Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Tale Of A Mistake

So, I was in the car going to meet my friends. I turned to my brother who was incidentally also going out, but with another group of people. I said to him "What was the name of the short girl we met a week ago?"

Upon saying that I realized how much of a jerk I was. Because in the end we are all people, so one adjective isn't to describe a person. I started questioning my actions and realized it's not only me who does that. Honestly, don't tell me you don't try to blame it on somebody else when you do something wrong.

There is more to people than just one characteristic, which is probably their least "appealing" one. If a person who is kind, caring and funny, but also has a big nose, most people when talking about him will refer to that guy as the one with the big nose.

Let's say you are out and you see a girl who is funny and smart. She has very short hair, almost shaved. So when you go tell your friends you tell them about the "shaved head" girl, not the "smart" one.

There are many qualities in a person and one can't simply name only one when talking about them. But communicating all the things one has noticed is to hard when simply referring to a person.