Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are You Afraid Yet?

 Most of us are afraid of many things. There are many fears that follow us through life, like the fear of heights. But there are others that are only a phase we go through. In my case that was an amorphous monster from a movie I had seen when I was six that was haunting the left side of my bed. Just 'cause.

But the reason I am writing this is a video I saw today about Google. Apparently there is a department in Google called Google X, which test some crazy projects.

Having seen that, I thought of how much I had been scared when I saw the Will Smith movie when A.I is fighting mankind.

It's crazy how people are able to create things with technology that couldn't be even thought about a year before. I have heard many arguments whether or not there is a thing called "too much technology" or not, which have provoked a lot of thinking.

I don't think that technology is a bad thing, at least in the state it is now. But we aren't to predict what comes next. For all we know the next big thing might be microchips in our brains and I have nothing against my brain.

In the end all that should matter is how we can improve ourselves with or without technology. Nowadays we use it to overcompensate the fact that we are flawed and not actually taking the time to think "How can I improve "me" without external help?"