Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fear of the Known

Here I was watching Chelsea Lately, when someone I have heard a lot of lately came up in their conversation. Amanda Bynes. 

For those of you who don't know who she is, she's a former actress who now has caught the eye of the media, because of her erratic/unruly behavior.

While I was listening to what they had to say I was pondering on the fact that she has become famous without achieving anything great. She is well-known for being unconventional.

People have always feared the unknown and the different, or at least went about with it cautiously. Now with the internet and all the other kinds of press or audiovisual media, there's a wall that makes us spectators, creating an anonymous safety harness for us to grab on or overuse. With curiosity taking the best of us we are fascinated of such unconventionality.

We are sick and tired of seeing the same familiar stuff and in such an environment most ideals are circling the drain.

Although differentiation is a great thing, is it fair to go and cross every line there is, just to cause attention to yourself, knowing that there is risk of being emotionally vulnerable? We live in a world where fame is everything. Is it good to want to achieve success by being subjected to solicited or unsolicited mockery?

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