Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How To: Argue Efficiently

We all know that arguing with somebody can be a pain. Of course, there are people like me who like to debate about stuff that pique our interest. But what happens when you argue with somebody for an unknown reason, or because they just snapped at you?

 There are two things that need to be taken into account. Range and The Opponent.

Range has to do with where your opponent is standing. Is it near you or on the other side of a computer screen in China? This is of great importance as you will see.

The Opponent is the most vital part. Is it a family member, a friend or a stranger? Depending on their relationship with you the argument will be either milder or more intense than your average argument.
It also is important if they know you well or not, because it can make or break your win.

I need to point out that "efficiently" doesn't mean definite victory, it means getting out of an argument unscathed, winning is just an added bonus.

As aforementioned, knowing who your opponent is, is vital. If they are on the Internet they can be perceived as strangers. So, starting off, if the person you are arguing with is family or a friend and are standing next to you, keep noticing their body language. The advantage you have here is that you probably know how they will react. If  you are arguing about something important to you, choose your words carefully, so they fit best to the other person's character.  

If the person you are arguing with is family or a friend and you are speaking via instant messaging or phone, multitask. Keep yourself as calm as possible and if the situation demands it, do some research on the Internet.

If the person is a stranger, regardless of range, depending on your behavior you can argue aggressively or act crazily. Your choice. Make sure the other person doesn't get insulted while you do that, and you will probably leave the argument feeling content.

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