Monday, June 24, 2013

How To: Know If Somebody Likes You As A Person

Some of us want to always make a good impression, but what if that impression is just a little over the top?
If there isn't any concrete way to know if the other person is responding well to our boisterous behavior or our self-induced laughter when they something that is not funny, why are we pretending? Even more importantly how do you know if somebody likes being around the real you?

I have done some research and I'd like to present you a condensed packet of the information I have found useful.

Step One: See if the person you are with has a reputation of being accepting. Because believe it or not, having a great personality isn't the only thing that's important. You need to see if the other person is willing to hear your views before icing you out or bringing you in their lives.

Step Two: If you are in a group notice whether the other person acknowledges your presence and/or is keeping a healthy close distance. You can tell these things usually pretty easily, but many people think that if somebody isn't reserved around you, then that's probably their personality. But honestly, if somebody has the warmest character in the world and doesn't like you, then you will not be treated "warmly".

Step Three: You might already have this in your arsenal, but if the other person leads the conversation by making questions eagerly aiming at your interests, then you are in the clear. Most people don't want to know anything about people they are disinterested in, so this proves that they might like you. You should remember though, that if the other person talks about themselves to you a lot, it doesn't mean they care it means they like to brag.

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