Monday, June 3, 2013

Ironic Narcissism

There was an Instagram feature on a show I happened to watch and I realized something about hipsters.

Here I was sitting on the couch hoping for the exam season to end. Suddenly a familiar logo appears on the screen of my TV. Curious as I am, I actually paid attention and guess what it was about.

After realizing I know lots of people that have an Instagram account I started wondering about hipsters.

Having thought this one through, I think I am pro-hipster. I know it sounds like it's a serious issue saying it like that. But I believe hipsters are the manifestation of everything our society is turning into.

Hipsters have the idea that everything that becomes mainstream, suddenly turns into a worthless ghost of a thing. But stated otherwise, hipsters like originality. As humans we like to be similar enough to others, so that we can fit in. On the contrary we want to be different enough, so that we can stand out.

This is embodied into the hipster life style, together with a dash of the narcissism that dominates in our time. Hipsters like originality, so they can stand out of the crowd, but are allowed -by their own mentality- to like something usual, as long as it is ironically. In this sense they are allowed to feel their ideas are accepted by a larger community, while still maintaining a feeling of superiority and self-praise.

What do you think? Is being a hipster good or bad?