Thursday, June 6, 2013

Judging Eyes

That's how it feels every time I'm the only one who walks past a group of people who are talking.

I was in school the other day and I was to get the hell out of there, having already written my essay exams when I saw a group of people sitting on the floor. Immediately noticing them I went from walking in full I-am-bored mode to a runway model walk.

Feeling embarrassed for acting like a child, I started thinking I cannot be the only one that does that.

Is it just me? Because, honestly, I don't think I'm the only insecure person in this world.

Here's what went down. I was done, leaving the classroom after being trapped there for the longest 2 hours of my life, ready to leave. In a hallway there was a group of people who were sitting on the floor in a full circle as if there was a bonfire there. They were laughing and giggling, because unlike my year they weren't taking any exams.

I saw that one of the people felt my presence there or heard my footsteps and suddenly they stopped talking as if I was interrupting with my extremely quiet footsteps, which I take pride in.  I went as fast as I could and I regret nothing.

After this pleasant incident I starting thinking they we have turned very paranoid as a society. We are afraid of somebody eavesdropping on our conversations that we have to stop talking as if there is something threatening nearby.

And are we that insecure that we are offended by such behavior and we try to avoid anything unpleasant?

What about you?
If you could fix one of your flaws, why would you do so?

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