Friday, June 7, 2013

Music Industry

Well, it's an industry. That means they make money by creating products.

I'm studying for a finance exam, which we have in school as a subject. It sounds great, but it isn't. Anyway back to my topic. I was "studying" alongside my trusted companion, my computer. I said fine I did something productive, let me treat myself to a song. So I went to YouTube and I saw what was trending. I found one song I hadn't even seen before and started playing it.

You know how I said I had never seen this song? Well I was wrong. It sounded identical to any of the cookie-cutter boy-bandish songs. I'm not trying to bicker, though. I know some songs are catchy and they stay with you, but seriously, it has become a pattern.

The industry's purpose is to make money. And can you imagine from who?

I thought music was about expressing emotions. It's fine to want to say "hey, you're better than you think, girl", because that's an act of sympathy, but I don't like it when everybody else copies the same thing, just to make money. And this thing has been here from a time when Justin Bieber wasn't even conceived.  It's fine to earn some money by creating original content, though.

I need to point out that I'm talking about trending songs, like those that everybody listens to and swoons every time a boy band speaks on an interview.

Instead of artists utilizing their abilities, they just take these patterns to get them to fame. And guess what?
It works.