Thursday, June 13, 2013

Socially Antisocial

Let's not be harsh, we know we would be bored without Instagram, Twitter and Facebook .

Sorry for not posting anything until late. For me, at least, because it's probably noon where most of my viewers are. I was drawing a blank. But the internet came to the rescue as usual.

 Just two minutes ago I was watching a video on YouTube and I got to thinking. Are social media actually serving their cause?

Last time I checked people when talking face-to-face put their phones in front of them to check their twitter lists. And I'm not even exaggerating.

What I like most about the evolution of social media is that it started as something like "posting updates on Facebook", which were lines long to 140-character tweets. Or instead of making YouTube videos, we have 6-second Vine videos.

But as I mentioned, let's not be harsh, without social media we would be bored, and we wouldn't be able to stalk people. Nobody would want to live in such a world.

Maybe we aren't as social as before. But we still are more active, learn about new forms of culture (yes, twerking counts) and get informed lightning-fast.