Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Story of A Boy with Four Thousand Questions

So, there he was. Looking deeply into the emptiness of his thoughts. 

"Will I ever make it?" he said to himself in vain.

There were many things the boy questioned, one of them were his skills. There was little talent and a lot of time. The boy thought the time shall be spent wisely. Despite the river of doubts he took it upon himself to fight his demons and expose his thoughts.

After his first week all hope was lost, there were only few who were there to support him. A mixed blessing. To be vulnerable is no good, to be rejected is even worse.

He thought, nothing would come out of this. He did his swan song, now he should fall gracefully. 

To his great surprise his thoughts mattered to some. To some his thoughts were meaningful. He couldn't stop. He shouldn't stop.

Months and months had gone by. What started as a simple outlet to thoughts became a public spectacle, one that was positively received.

Thanks to everybody for the support! It means a lot to hit another mark. In the future I plan to make some changes to the content of my blog, I would like to add didactic short-stories. Meaning stories that teach people something. What do you think?