Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Rambling On Hapiness

I usually get inspired by observing something and then making associations based on it with a broader idea. That's just how I am, but this time inspiration just struck me after I read the latest blog post of a fellow blogger and an acquaintance of mine, +Adrian James Astorga .

I usually set questions to myself that are along the lines of "what is life" and "what are we". Although this is the case almost all of the time, now I want to talk about what makes me happy. It's selfish and probably not appealing to most of you, but I wish we can have an " aww I'm weird like that, too!" moment!

AJ's post was about how he is as a person and how he should fix his character. The strange thing is that I've had the same issue, literally meaning the exact same issue. I like to plan ahead and make everything optimum for my future. But I've always said to myself  "why aren't you living the moment like everybody else?".

I've came many times to the conclusion that I desperately need a change, because I'm not "living" the moment. But, now, I have reconsidered. I'm not "living" the moment how everybody expects it to be like. When I go out I don't go and drink and dance til I drop. I don't like being young and reckless. I like to enjoy myself how I want to.

I like conversations about dreams. I like showing affection to people I care about without trying to be mysterious and illusive. I like to be honest about my feelings and I like to have deep conversations.
I like to know the person I'm talking to, to really get what they are about.

It's not about living the life, it's about enjoying the life you have. No party or mindless fun would make me as content as having a conversation with a person and getting a look at how they see the world.

All I'm trying to say is that enjoying your life is up to you to decide how to do. You might be into leaving all your worries behind and forgetting everything with dancing, or staring into a wall pondering about existence. Still it's what makes you content and thus what you should be doing.