Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summertime Sadness

If you live in Europe you probably are aware that summer vacation are closing to an end. In Greece we have this thing/trend that after the 15th of August every family comes back from their holiday in the sun.

My Facebook is blasting with posts and statuses in the general concept of  "I will miss you all" or "Summer was  beautiful, see you in a year again". This has taken a toll on me, since I, myself, have got back home. As much I love the feeling of familiarity, I have made some incredible friends this summer and have met even more amazing people. It's sad really. Most of the amazing people I met I will either see in December or next year again.

I'm pretty sad because of the feeling of loss, but I think me and everybody else who is whining about the end of summer are being a bit overly dramatic. 

But is drama really that bad? If we have nothing to complain about, then what will make us happy to go back next year and resume our summer lifestyle?

I know that most students in Greece who are going to be seniors are not going to be going anywhere next year due to heavy studying, but I will force my way to go visit everybody I'm already missing so badly, because, fuck it, I want to be happy.