Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's A Busy Life

Hi, everyone. Sorry for being a jerk and not posting anything these past two weeks. I had lost all purpose to write, because I was too busy with other matters, such as the beginning of school, which happens...tomorrow. For many of you school has already started, but for Greek students, school starts usually the second week of September, due to heat.

I've being studying a little bit, because these next two years are going to be rough. The Greek School System for juniors and seniors of high school goes something like this :
We are put into "directions of study" where we, basically, have extra hours of certain classes. Since I want to  become a Biologist or something of that nature, I'm going to have more Maths, Science/Physics, Chemistry classes, which is far from delightful.

I started studying for those classes, because I will need all the help Ι can get. It's not something that needs more explaining than this, but the point is that from now on I will only post (hopefully) on the weekends.

I love you all, and hope to write something this next week!
Best wishes..!