Friday, October 25, 2013


According to the dictionary "news" is the objective spreading of information through a medium. But according all ancient Greek sophists nothing in life is objective. So how can we know if there is such a thing as absolute truth.

For me a tall tree is a tree higher than three meters. For an elephant a high tree is more than five meters high. Subsequently how can we define the absolute meaning of a high tree?

Let's say you hear a newscast about a serious car accident, and there's this person who was an eye witness. He says that the driver wasn't aware of this roadblock, panicked and he made a abrupt turn of the car so, that the care hit a fire hydrant. Would you say that this information is completely true?
The driver might have had a medical incident while driving and there for lost control of the wheel. As long as there was a receptor of that information, there will always be a choice of how they are going to express it. That means that there will never be a concrete truth, but there might be a calm and balanced perspective.

To solve this issue, Protagoras (another sophist) said that everything that happens in our world is measure with the person as a reference point. More on that here. In that sense, there is no need to find the truth about something, because you can't, since everything is relevant.

With this in mind I need to point out that does not apply in moral issues. For those issues responsibility takes society, who instills a moral compass, an similar one to every person to be exact, through socialization.