Thursday, November 28, 2013

Attraction, Infatuation and Love

I've developed a theory on love. Well, I develop theories about everything, so this was bound to happen sometime. This theory I developed while talking to a friend about a similar topic. This had been on my mind for a while now, and since there's the time and the mood to write, let me present my theory!

The dictionary says that attraction- or attractiveness if you'd prefer- is the function of a person , a thing or a place that is meant to attract. On the other hand, it also states that attraction is "the gravitational exerted by one body on another". Even though what I'm trying to talk about is the attraction towards a person, the second -more scientific- definition fits just fine.

In my opinion, attraction is the way your body and, mainly, mind reacts when getting to know somebody. That somebody isn't necessarily someone who is justifiably attractive, it can be anybody, as long as you're compatible with one another. It isn't something premeditated, it's not complicated, it happens, simple as that. More on that on a previous post of mine.

Next up is infatuation. As you'll probably notice, I think that all three of these terms have a set place in their sequence. I believe that it's being attracted by someone, then falling and then loving. Still it's just a theory.

So, infatuation is defined as the state of being carried away by excessive passion. In other words, it's idolizing a person to that extent where you think the other person's faultless and, subsequently, perfect. As beings we want to be perfect or have a glimpse of perfection in our lives. It's no wonder why one can get almost obsessed with connecting to another, who in their view is...perfect. Although, this is identified as love by many, I have come to the conclusion that this is just a stage of getting to loving somebody. And I'll tell you why.

Love, which has been an overly-discussed topic, is the state of getting close enough to a person where you see that they, just like you, have flaws. Furthermore, it's the state where you have gotten used to thinking about them, meaning that they have become a part of your routine, a pleasant one, of course.
In other words love is the habit of wanting, caring and feeling passion.