Wednesday, January 22, 2014


You know how there is a special genre of literature and, consequently, films where there is this person who goes through different stages of their life in a very short time up until the get to the point of adulthood? I've been feeling like that lately. Even though I'm still somewhat off the way to adulthood I think I've evolved a lot these past months. With that in mind I thought I'd be a good opportunity to talk about what it means to be an ''adult'' or to what it means to evolve as a character.

Adulthood is a tricky place. From what I can gather everybody dreams of being an adult and doing whatever they please. We crave freedom and we just have idolized this state so much that it seems like a turning point for most. It seems,  though that it's not that magical of a thing to happen to you. You'll wake up one day and be of age.  That's it.  You are legally allowed to drink alcohol, as if that wasn't the case before, get married without your parents permission, as if it's the dream to get married at the age of eighteen or nineteen. The only thing that seems of some importance is that one gets the chance to vote for the party they favor, but no eighteen-year-old is dreaming of the day they will have more of a responsibility to their land.

It's the season where most people in my circle of friends turn 17 or 18, and soon I'll turn 17 too, but as a friend told me, it's just a number.  I can completely agree; age is just a number, as is money.  Just because it's a number that doesn't mean that it plays no role in life and because it exists that doesn't mean that it plays any deciding part in your every day life.  It is what you make it to be.  If you are ecstatic that you are almost of age, of age or a young adult, great for you, it matters. But apart from that this whole I'm finally older thing isn't that important as a state, as is everything, it's subjective.