Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's

With the new year arriving, I'm sure most of us have had this retrospective moment of looking back at what happened in 2013. Some might even have had a melancholic moment of how fleeting life is. But the best thing that the new year brings isn't the gifts you have under your tree, but one small one that has a great impact. Hope.

This tradition in, mostly, western culture of creating resolutions to better oneself aren't all that independent from hope. Because the new year is, well, something new, it's easier to start promising yourself to either start a diet, lose weight, go to the gym three times a week etc. For me it was to be less jealous and possessive, but the essence of this, it's the same. This (somewhat of) a new start, which symbolizes a clean slate facilitates this whole process.

It's not like you'd not be able to achieve your goals any other time of the year, it's just with a new chapter comes a new plot element. But, what you can't control, are the plot twists. Sure you can plan out how much weight you're willing to lose or how buff you will be getting, still that's not to say that something unexpected won't happen to you. This surprise will probably change your perspective, your plans and even part of who you are. In my opinion, this is how dreams are discovered. With planning, you can achieve them, but you have to figure them out first.

Maybe you'll met a person who will radically change your life. Maybe you'll get inspired to start a new project from some quote you read online. Maybe you'll find your other half and, maybe, this is your year.  Anything can happen in the most unexpected way. This is the beauty of a new start. This is the beauty of 2014.