Monday, March 10, 2014

Gigabyte of Yourself

I don't think there is a person on this planet who isn't the slightest bit insecure. It's commonplace to think how you will be perceived by others and there is a certain fear one has for the possibility that you won't make the greatest of impressions.

I remember back in the day; meaning a year ago; when I first started to write onto this blog. It was tough. I had a fear that I wouldn't be recognized as someone who had something to say and was any good at that. I even wrote about being pretentious. It was my way to showcase that everybody, even I, who had nothing to lose, fears rejection and they need to put "masks" on to protect themselves. That post got around 7 views. Three of which were mine. I remember being disappointed that I had nothing good to say. Then I started thinking. People like originality and people need some kind of promotion to have an audience. To gain originality you can only be yourself. Everything else has been said before. Even if some ideas are already used by songs-films-media, it is still your opinion and it is still original. Sure you may have shaped a character based on the stimuli you got from the TV. So what?

I think it was +Anya Felix who once wrote me a comment saying that my writing was great, but I was missing one element. Personality. My post weren't expressing myself. This is not to say that they weren't things I had to say, it was just that people couldn't get to me from the things I wrote.
From that point on I started writing more about my thoughts and opinions and I slowly started building an audience. It also helped that I was writing everyday. I can't forget the first time a post reached over 200 views in just 2 days. I couldn't believe it.

In the process of writing the people who actually helped me get to the point where I didn't care to express myself were +Lance Jones who had a lot to say about anything and everything and, of course, +Adrian James Astorga who was the personification of a gentleman trying to express himself. There have been many people that were great helpers in my everyday life who I will not name and thank, because I hope I'm doing a good job showing my thanks to them in action.

So, lesson of the day: There is nothing better for you than being yourself regardless of the situation.