Monday, March 3, 2014

Relative Validity

Hi, everyone, it has been a month since I last wrote onto here. Responsibilities always take a toll in every life and mine is no exception. I've been pondering a lot lately, whether or not there is an absolute truth. As you may recall I've talked about the absolute reference point; though it seems like ages have passed since then.
I've come to the conclusion that I am into the whole truth relativism "movement", if you can call it that. 

There have definitely been times when we asked a friend or any person, for that matter, to tell us about something that has happened. Most of the times everything sounds more dramatic than it'd be if we experienced ourselves. As there have sure been times where their talking to us about a subject shocked us a lot. For instance, I learned a long time ago that I girl I knew got pregnant and that caused a lot of buzz around school grounds, since she attended the school the year before. Then I started to think that we were making a big deal over something that wasn't even there. Let me explain.

If there had been great trouble the girl had gotten herself into, like drugs and whatnot, then sure, her family would have gotten angry and there would have been something for everybody to gossip about. But the girl had chosen to keep the baby, so at least from a technical point of view the gossip was unjust.
This, I noticed with a friend of mine, who took it very nonchalantly. I asked her why and she simply said "Why should I care if she's fine with it?"

This got me into thinking. We usually don't care about the things that don't affect us directly. Now, for example, Ukraine has received an ultimatum, that if not answered until tomorrow, there is probably going to be war. I care, because Ukraine is near, people in Japan couldn't care less. The mother of the girl who was pregnant got mad that her daughter got knocked up, my friend didn't give a dime (in the name of being polite). If I learned that somebody almost run over a guy on the street I would think about it, but I wouldn't care all that much. If that somebody almost run over a friend, I would be fuming over it. 

See, relative.