Thursday, April 3, 2014


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Today in class a teacher I appreciate very much got to talking about how our society doesn't value the people by their abilities, but rather by how productive they are. People have realized this phenomenon and they are subconsciously trying to get on top of the concurrence pyramid. Because in order to be the best, you need to act the part -that's the sad truth.

I can see it in myself as well. I don't like to be perceived as the weak link or as the push-over of the group. When there is a conversation that makes me irritable, I might make some kind of subtle remark about the topic, such as "Wrap it up, this isn't even worthy of discussion", but I never say that the said topic is just annoying me.

 On the other side, if there is any kind of heated discussion going on, I'm all about it. It is a way to showcase strength. For most guys, the show of strength only is important if someone has offended a skill they have, such as their stamina while running or their ability to solve a maths problem or if a person of interest is nearby. It all boils down to what you're good at.

I am good at human interactions and, hopefully, have some academic skills. So, it's only natural for me to have the wish to feel dominant in these sectors, because honestly my ego is pretty high up there. A person who is or thinks that he is the best at something will undoubtedly be more confident and will want to feel in control. If another person, who is threatening that feeling of superiority, comes into play, then the first'd probably be overcome by aggression and the desire to abolish the threat from the group. It's also plausible that the same first would sink into self-doubt and pity themselves.

Even if we want to call ourselves civilized, there are still many animal-like behavioral patterns which we can't control. The saying that many institutions represent -that of the "make something of yourself"variant-only makes matters worse.

That is, because not only do you have to prove to yourself that you are worthy, but to the others around you that you have what it takes. If society measures your worth based one the ability to be productive, then isn't it understandable to have more of your dignity to protect, thus a heightened desire to be the one in control?